TenJet Procedure for Achilles Tendinitis

TenJet procedure for Achilles tendinitis is a quick process that uses a needle- like device that is designed specifically to treat achilles tendinitis and relieve any chronic pain that may be caused by it. The device uses a pressurized, high-velocity jet of saline to selectively resect and remove diseased tendon tissue while sparing healthy tissue (HydroCision). This procedure is often performed by sports medicine physicians, since it is a common issue within athletes. Although, this procedure can be helpful for patients of any age if they are experiencing pain.

As a minimally invasive procedure, it takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes to complete. TenJet procedure for achilles tendinitis requires 1 small incision and with ultrasound imaging to view the diseased tissue that needs to be removed. Once the incision is made, a stream of water is activated in order to remove the diseased tissue while also keeping the healthy tissue intact. 

The recovery process is relatively easy for the TenJet procedure for achilles tendinitis. There are typically no stitches necessary, the incision can be covered with medical tape or a bandage. When this procedure is undergone, versus traditional open excision of diseased tendon, the recovery process is significantly shortened. Patients are cleared for limited walking the day of surgery with use of a protective CAM boot and typically return to a tennis shoe in about 2 weeks. Full recovery varies depending on each individual’s daily ambulatory demands, but typically in 2-4 weeks a patient is cleared for full activity with no restrictions.

TenJet procedure for achilles tendinitis is very effective and has proven results of quick and effective relief of pain from patients across the United States. Months after the procedure is complete, many patients report back with no pain. It is a very safe procedure since it is minimally invasive. This means that there is little risk associated with the procedure as well.

If you are experiencing pain and think you may be a candidate for Tenjet procedure, contact us today.